I'm Drew Bourrut and I'm here to help with your custom software and programming needs...

For decades we have been providing custom software solutions for service-oriented businesses. We'd be happy to program a solution for you. This website is meant to simply introduce our custom programming and custom software solutions. For details please call 631.979.3100 and ask for me.

Custom Software

We create custom software to help your business work better. We:

  • Modify existing software to make it work the way you do.
  • Create automation of manual tasks
  • Create full custom solutions to replace existing software so that your business works the way you want rather than the way the software demands you work.
  • Act as an advocate.


    We provide Rapid Application Development (RAD) solutions that create application software for your business. It only makes sense to use tools that allow us to create solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Your benefit is lower-cost solutions delivered on-time and within budget.

    We do virtually all of our programming using Clarion. >Why Clarion? Click here.

    Web-based Solutions

    Yes, we also do Clarion programming to create web-based solutions. In addition, we design web sites. We provide all web site services and will design your web site for you. You have 12 seconds from the time someone hits your web site to capture their attention. We'll help you do this very cost effectively.

    Long / short-term commitment
    When we take-on a client we agree to be there for the long-term. Yet because of our approach your commitment to us is short-term. If you come to us with a problem and we take it on, we'll solve it. After that you have no more commitment to us unless, of course, you want us to help more.

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