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While I've been writing programs for more than 40 years and have been consulting since 1974, in 1990 I made a philisophical change.Computers, by that time, had become affordable enough that most small businesses had one or more. I decided to provide consulting services to those small businesses instead of the large corporations that I had been supporting.

So, since 1990 my company has been providing quality solutions to the companies and homes of Long Island. You knew us then as Performance Support, Inc. But in order to better help people understand what we do, we changed our name to F-One Computer Help Corp.

Remember, we were Performance Support, Inc. So why did we choose that name? What the heck is "Performance Support?" The term was originally used to describe training, documentation and little tools that helped you perform better. Many years ago I expanded this definition to include other activities that tended towards helping businesses perform better via technology.

We help you perform better. But people seeing the name asked questions like, "Are you a personal trainer?" and enough of these questions forced me to realize that while I understood the name and what we did, no one else did. So we changed the name and computer help is what we're about.

Now, when you have a problem, call us and we'll be glad to help. Whether it's a hardware problem, software problem, web site issue, we'll help. We'll help you backup your data. If you need a software solution, we'll help. If you're on Long Island, call us: 631.979.3100.

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